Posted on Dec 10, 2019

Michatech Appliance Repair

With all of the holidays approaching us, most-likely you will have more raw and cooked food to store in your fridge and freezer. For the food in your refrigerator to stay fresh for as long as possible, the refrigerator temperature should hover right around 37° F. In the freezer, a temperature of 0° F will keep foods thoroughly frozen.

Armed with this information, you’d set your refrigerator to those temperatures, right? But the temperature controls on many refrigerators only allow you to choose from a series of numbers—say, from 1 to 5, with 1 being the coldest and 5 the warmest. Some refrigerators are spot-on, but others are wide off the mark. A good cheap solution is to buy a refrigerator thermometer, available online and at home centers for a few bucks, and conduct your own experiment. It should get you within a degree or so of the perfect refrigerator and freezer temperature to keep your food fresh, tasty, and safe for as long as possible.

If you find a problem with any of you appliances, call Michatech Appliance Repair today at 318-517-4224. But don’t wait too long to call because we may have to order a part for your appliance. Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!
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