Posted on Dec 23, 2019

Michatech Appliance Repair

Can you believe it, the holidays are here? The last thing you want with extra people in your home is a non-working appliance, especially in the kitchen. You probably don’t need another expense either. You may think, “oh, the dishwasher is just making that banging noise again – but no big deal.” Or, “sometimes, the washing machine drum doesn’t spin…but if I just jiggle this switch a couple of times and press that button three times and jump up and down twice, it usually works.” No, no, no! Your dishwasher isn’t supposed to sound like a marching band and your washing machine should spin and complete the cycle EVERY TIME…without a ritualistic dance! Your refrigerator shouldn’t create its own pool in the bottom of your produce drawer! We know, a non-working appliance can cause a lot of chaos in your home in a short time so don’t put off calling us. No appliance technician will provide you better customer service than Michael at Michatech and you can usually always reach him after hours! Call Michatech Appliance Repair today at 318-5174224 or visit our website at
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